SEO Germany

econcept infotech a leading search engine marketing agency offering creative German Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for German websites.

We have indepth knowledge of German SEO which help clients website to rank on top 10 search result of Google.

We use following method to optimize German website.

  • Site Audit
  • Competitors Site Analysis
  • Relevant Keyword Research
  • On page German Web Pages Optimization
  • Off page German Web Pages Optimization Via German Link Building
  • Google Analytics Report Analysis

German Search Engine Optimization, SEO German, SEO Germany

German is widely spoken in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. German web site optimization helps to increase visitors and business from German speaking audience which help in turn help to bring more revenue.

German Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization aids the company to get its site listed on the top of the lists but the companies are getting global today. The multinational companies have their presence all over the world. It is necessary for them to get their website optimized in different languages as per the target country.

For the international SEO the companies make the strategies keeping in mind the countries they want to target. After determining the countries they want to target they find out the percentage of people surfing on the internet in different languages. The language which is used mostly for the surfing by the people is selected. Then the company does the search engine optimization in that particular language to target all those people who use that language for surfing.

According to internet world status German language has one of the highest markets. Means there are many people who surf in German language. The companies which are looking forward to target European markets have to undergo the German SEO process so that they can put their website on the top of the search results in those countries also. Round about 6 % of total internet users use German language for surfing. By undertaking the German SEO process the companies which want to target European markets can easily target them and have global exposure as Europe in one of the largest continents in the world. The company is not required to make the whole website in the German language for optimization in German language. Only one page in German is enough.

It is not necessary that the searching pattern of the people who surf in English is same as the searching pattern of the people who surf in German. Germans have different kind of searching pattern. So the keywords which are used for the English SEO might not be necessarily the same for the German SEO. So it is the most important to find out the keyword for the German language. Just translating of English keyword will not work in the German SEO process. Finding out the keyword in German becomes a tough task as one is require studying their searching pattern and moreover if the successful keyword is not found, the SEO might not work properly. That is why the professional SEOs which work for the multilingual optimization have to hire a translator to find out the proper keyword. The job of these translators requires great skills as they are required to study the surfing patterns of the people and then find out the proper keyword for the particular website. The keyword must be relevant to the content of the website so that the search engine can easily find out that particular website and list it in the top of the search results.