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Our Dutch SEO services help clients website to rank on top 10 search result of Google.

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We use following method to optimize Dutch website.

  • Site Audit
  • Competitors Site Analysis
  • Relevant Keyword Research
  • On page Dutch Web Pages Optimization
  • Off page Dutch Web Pages Optimization Via Dutch Link Building
  • Google Analytics Report Analysis

Dutch Search Engine Optimization

As the businesses have started going global the demands of the search engine optimization of a website has increased. Today, the companies which are providing the search engine optimization earn handsome amounts as the companies today want to target foreign markets and for that they are required to get their site optimized in foreign country language.

The companies have become smarter today. They have owned some strategies for their business operations. First of all they identify the need of the customer. After identifying the need of the customer the companies try to provide the customer with those things which they want. For all these they have to define a target market. The companies select the target market after a proper research and the target market they select is such that grabs good profits to the company.

As the companies have started being international they target foreign markets after analyzing the opportunities available in the foreign market. To target Netherland and Belgium markets the companies are required to get their website optimized with Dutch SEO services as in Netherland people speak Dutch and about half of the Belgians speak Dutch. There are around twenty three million people who speak Dutch thus; by Dutch SEO the companies get a very large market segment.

The companies which want to target Netherland and Belgium markets or any other country market which has Dutch speaking people have to undergo the Dutch SEO process. The Companies which want to undertake Dutch SEO process have to take the help of the professional SEO services. For doing Dutch SEO the main thing is the language which is determined by the search engine. But still the companies are not required to create the whole website in the Dutch language only one page of Dutch language is enough.

The main thing about the Netherland and Belgium markets or Dutch speaking markets is that Google has the largest market share of around ninety six percentages which is very huge. Yahoo does not exist in these markets and other like MSN live is used by the children or the people who do not know how to change the default browser. The largely use of Google as a search engine becomes easy for the search engine optimization process as they are required to optimize the web site keeping in mind the requirements of only one search engine. The search engine optimization becomes more effective in such cases as the professionals know that what does Google consider while a user surf a key word on the search engine.

If we talk about the Dutch search engine optimization process, it starts with the key word research. The key word people use in English is not necessarily the same while searching for the same thing in Dutch language. That means you can not use the same key word of English language for Dutch SEO by just translating. The companies are required to hire the experts from Dutch who do the key word research and determine the proper key word for the particular website.

The main advantage of Dutch SEO is that eighty percent of the Dutch people use the internet so the company can target a larger market share which is potential.